It has been a long time dream of ours to own and operate a true Alaskan lodge. We are excited to welcome you to Northern Sky Lodge and very thankful that you chose to share your Alaskan adventure with us! We would like to share a little bit about us and introduce ourselves.

Mutma dedicated four years to the United States Air Force and has traveled all over the world. After leaving the military she helped raise her grandson Cristopher. He has always called her Mutma and the name stuck to all that know her. She is the General Manager at Northern Sky Lodge.

Cristopher enjoys the outdoors and the rustic beauty of Alaska. Hiking, camping, and fishing are a few of his favorite summertime activities. Watching the northern lights around a camp fire during the winter is fantastic! He has many years of corporate business management and hospitality experience and is also a local entrepreneur. He believes that it is important to work closely with the community and give back to those that are less fortunate. He actively dedicates his time to the community and participates in community events and programs.

Jessica is passionate about people and sharing experiences with those around her. She enjoys spending her time exploring, traveling to new places and learning about new cultures. This passion and sense of adventure led her to fall in love with Alaska and move into the midst of its rugged wilderness. She works as an Occupational Therapist and also pursues the joys of small business ownership.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to deliver a better experience for you during your visit. We look forward to your stay, and again, thank you for your interest in Northern Sky Lodge!