Costume Design And Construction Class Projects

 Under Construction!

These pages link to individual projects suitable for classes on costume design and construction. The Manifesto hosted projects were originally designed for an introductory class on both costume design and construction at the University of Alaska Fairbanks taught by Tara Maginnis, that allowed students choices between a huge multiplicity of projects both in class and online here. It is currently being used for a similar course at Diablo Valley College. Currently, this page also links to other teacher’s costume class projects online that fit within these parameters. The codes at the end of each link indicate the area of skill in which one accumulates points: D = Design, C = Construction, O = Organization/Maintenance, R = Research/History, V = Vocabulary. Point values for each assignment depend on your teacher’s grading parameters. Teachers wishing to use all or one of these assignments should make a Costume Class Teacher Page that tells your students which assignments you accept and what point value is possible with each assignment.


Visual Historical Research for a Play R

Primary and Secondary Research on an Historical Costume Topic R

Costume Design

Reading the Play D

Focusing on the Actor: Rendering for “On The Harm of Tobacco” Costume Design Project D

3 Renderings for The Marriage Proposal D

Six Costume Renderings for “Patience” D

Six Renderings for “The Contrast” D

No Color Designs D

Designing in Cooperation D

Generating Content For Others

Making a Manifesto Page “How-To” for other costume Geeks R, D and/or C depending on content

Making a Video “How-To” for other Costume Geeks R, D and/or C depending on content

Also the Research assignment Primary and Secondary Research on an Historical Costume Topic listed under “Research” above fits into this category too

Analyzing Film Designs

Film Costume Analysis Essay Project “High Concept” Designs R

Film Costume Analysis Essay Project “Realism” in Design R

Suit Conversions

Suit Conversions With Paint D & C

Suit Conversion with Applied Decoration D & C

Surreal Pockets D & C

Changing Suit Collars C


Plaster Bandage and Foam Mask D & C

Foam and Airball on a Plastic Base D & C

Carved Insulation Foam Mask or Foam Mold for Muslin and Glue Mask D & C

Wire Frame Mask D & C

Muslin Mache Mask D & C


Costume Accessory Bag C

Renaissance Flat Cap D & C

Cape D & C

Making a Stole (Academic or Clerical) for Graduation C


Measurement Sheet O

Building Your Portfolio D & O

Shopping Handbook D & O


Place Mat Hats D & C

Amazing uses for a Baseball Hat D & C

Buckram Bandeau Hat Base D & C

Edwardian Hat D & C

Hat Made Using Craft Felt D & C

Craft Felt Sculpture Hat D & C

Dollar Store Witch Hat to Early Victorian Bonnet C

Straw Braid Hat D & C

Thermoplastic Helmet D & C

Non Toxic Metal Finishes for Armor C


Beauty School Dropouts & Other Painted Wigs D & C

Witch Wig into Samurai Lady D & C

Pool Noodle Wig D & C

Extensions & Hair Rolls C

18th Century Men’s Wigs C

Chemotherapy Patient/Quick Change Hats C

Fabric Modification

Fortuny Style Pleating C

Make a costume using the pleated fabric D & C

Foam crafts

Airball Sculpture D & C

Simple Foam Headpiece C

Complex Foam Headpiece D & C

Animal/Bird Foot Shoe D & C

Other Crafts Projects

Plaster Bandage Breastplate D & C

Make your own Geta (Japanese wooden shoes) Project C

Copying Period Fans C

Sample Sheet of Antiqued Jewelry Finishes C

Some UNDER CONSTRUCTION projects I’m still working on making pages for, you can see photos on these partially made pages:

Making Display Mannequins of Found Materials

“Armored” Gloves using Craft Foam Sheets

Buckram Dress Form Clones

Bridal Lengha into a Court Mantua

Buckram Sculpture Wigs

Padding Existing Forms to Size

Funnoodle Penis

Berlin Cabaret Sleaze

Furry Winter Hat

Building a Rococo Heel over a Spike Heel

Fabric Swatching

Spray Dyeing and Distressing

Fabric Painting & Mosaic


Gobs of Glitz

Complete Foam-Sculpture Costume

Fake Feathers, shredded decorations and Fabric Boas

Trimming garments with Kitsch Crochet household textiles

Some projects I hope to add in the future for the Costume Design and Construction II class

Wings Fairy Wings

Costume Origin Charts

“Angel” Wings

Bat Wings

Body Modification Big Breasts

Pregnancy and Fat Pads



Period Body Padding

Pattern Drafting Flat Pattern Exercises

Drafting “Biblical” and Folk Dress that fits

Fitting a Basic Block Pattern

Quick Pattern Method

Home Made Dress Forms (see Costume Studio Equipment, below)

Duct Tape Patterns

Sewing Vinyl


Paperwork Build Charts

Costume Change Charts

Check in Forms

Cost Sheets

Rendering Ruffles & Pleats

Fur and Feathers

Basic Proportion

Copy Drawing





Make a “Dancing Man”

Costume Studio Equipment Goodie Bag (Also a sewing Project)

Basic Cutting Table

Garment Bags