The Costumer: Tara Maginnis, Ph.D.

Tara Maginnis started writing the original version of The Costumer’s Manifesto web site in August 1996. Many portions of The Manifesto began as published and unpublished articles written by Tara while on leave in Russia during 1994-95.

Tara is also the author/performer of Theatrical Makeup Design Interactive, a DVD-ROM/Streaming Video series for teaching or learning Theatrical Makeup application and design. She is currently a Costume Designer and Instructor working in Northern California at Diablo Valley College. Previously she was a Professor of Theatre at the University of Alaska Fairbanks from 1990-2007. Tara was awarded her Doctorate in Drama (Theatre History) at the University of Georgia in 1991, Her M.A. in Drama (Theatrical Design) from California State University Fresno in 1985, and her B.A. in History (European) from San Francisco State University in 1981. Tara was born and raised in Northern California.  You can see her portfolio & resume at

Tara has written numerous articles (a selection of which you can also see at for Theatre Design and Technology, the Journal of The United States Institute of Theatre Technology and The Virtual Costumer, journal of the Silicon Web Costumer’s Guild. Tara also was the computer columnist for The Costume Research Journal, the former quarterly publication of the USITT Costume Commission. Tara has published articles in Costume, Theatre Crafts (now TCI), and The Ladies’ Gallery as well as other magazines and newsletters. She is also a member of The Costume Society of America, (and a former member of the Region V board), The Costume Society (UK), The International Costumer’s Guild, Greater Bay Area Costumer’s Guild and Costumer’s Guild West.

Tara also gives workshops and presentations on Costume Distressing, Instant Onstage Costume Changes, Beginning Thermoplastics, Advanced Hot Glue Work, Theatrical Makeup, Photographing Stage Makeup, Costume Rendering, Banyans, and more at Costume College, Costume Con, USITT, KCACTF, etc.


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